Chase and I

Quick Stats
My Name: Miranda
Age: 30-something
Location: Ontario, Canada

About Me and My Blog
I am an awkward dork with a penchant for lists and parentheses. I live in sin with my baby daddy, Chase, and two kids, Whitney (born in 2009), and Lorelai (2012). Morag and Me, part personal blog, part rip-off of every website and YouTube channel I love (parenting and organizational blogs, "favourites" videos, book reviews, cooking tutorials, rants, pins, etc.), mainly exists to entertain my friends with all of the funny and humiliating things that happen to me as a result of my crippling social anxiety. 

About Morag
Morag is the fake name I use online when my real one won't do.

My girls, Whit and Lilo

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