Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Miranda (Pre-Bean Sprout Organization): Week Two Recap

I am embarrassed to say that New Miranda Week Two has been kind of a bust. My house: a disaster. My apartment hunt: dismal failure. My kid: a monster. My finances: over budget. My mood: grump-tacular. 

Moving Update: 
Last week, the plan was to see if we can stay in our current apartment until September and move back to my hometown in the fall. Then, my laundry room flooded. After a less than satisfactory chat with our landlord (well, our landlord's daughter. Apparently, The Gypsy is out of the country and cannot be reached), we came to the realization that they probably have no intention of fixing the laundry machine until we move out, so we didn't even ask for an extension. It's time to get the eff out. And, because we will be signing a year lease elsewhere, we probably won't move back home until May 2013. So, there you go. Foiled by the gypsies.

Here's what I accomplished this week:
- Looked at a couple more apartments (still no luck)
- Kept up with the potty training

Here's what's on next week's agenda:
- Pack
- Connect with The Gypsy/daughter again about the laundry machine
- Apartment hunt
- Find a way to get Whitney to stop her incessant whining before I give her to The Gypsy as a mean-spirited parting gift
- Get Whit's birth certificate
- Do a meal plan/grocery shop to prevent me from wasting my money on eating out
- Try to find out what all of the house bills have been so far so I can either pay The Gypsy or ask for some money back
- Book a doctor's appointment for Whit to get her checked up and vaccinated
- Keep up with the toilet training and try more diaper-free days
- Set up next month's Mommy Book Club


Money and Government
Renew Whitney's Health Card
Apply for Child Tax Benefits
Taxes (2007-2011)
- Get Whit’s Birth Certificate
- Submit Maternity Leave paperwork
- Get my G1 (learner's permit to drive a vehicle)
- Pay Student Loan by July 1st
- Save $1000 by July 1st
- Set up new budget for mat leave once we move
- Get bills sorted out with the gypsy
- Open an RRSP (retirement fund)

Home and Childcare
Toilet train Whit
- Get Whit’s vaccines up to date
- Find new apartment
- Sign up for mail forwarding to our new apartment
- Change address with banks, phone company, government, etc.
- Sort out daycare arrangements for my mat leave
- Develop easy house cleaning routine I can stick to
- Develop a good routine for Whitney to minimize impact when Bean Sprout comes (ie – solid bed time routine, story time, one-on-one learning and play)
- Prepare Whitney for Bean Sprout’s arrival by talking-up her role as Big Sister
- Wash and put away newborn and 0-3 month clothes
- Find storage solution for newborn diapers

- Car seat
- Double stroller
- Bed for Whit
- Dresser for Bean Sprout
- Diaper stockpile
- Moby wrap
- Ergo carrier
- Nursing covers
- Bottles

Misc. Organization and Projects
- Pregnancy vlogs for Moragvlogs YouTube channel
Revive Morag and Me by updating at least once a week
Clear out furnace room
- Sort through our storage junk, purge the stuff we don’t use, better organize the stuff we’re keeping, and bring donations to Good Will
- Purge clothes we never wear and bring donations to Good Will
- Sort through our sock mountain
- Purge through our junk drawer in the kitchen
- Organize bills/receipts/paperwork and come up with a good home filing system that we’ll actually use
- Finish Whitney’s baby book and make a memory box for her
- Start memory box for Bean Sprout
- Revive my Shutterfly account and make photo albums for Whit and Bean Sprout on a season-to-season basis going forward
- Paint our hall table and ghetto dresser (and maybe switch out the hardware on the dresser)

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