Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Miranda (Pre-Bean Sprout Organization): Week Three Recap

This week was much more productive than the last. I'll try to keep these posts super short because I realize they're a total snorefest for you guys (yet, I insist on doing them anyway. Sorry).

- Got my kid's birth certificate
- Packed
- Set up an appointment with Whit's doctor to get her 2 year check-up and vaccines
- Looked at apartments
- May have found a place to live in May (3 bedroom house with my old, awesome landlord. Chase is following up tomorrow)
- Continued toilet training (although, somewhat less strictly)
- Started whine boot camp with Whitney (that's an entry on its own - an entry I've been planning since last week)
- Blogged (oh, hey guys!)
- Calculated my portion of the house bills we have copies of and discovered that, rather than owing the Gypsy money at this current time, she owes us $8
- Followed up with my broken laundry machine (nothing's been done, but at least I know the landlord is due back on Sunday)
- Set up April Book Club for my Mommy group
- Read Hunger Games for April Book Club
- Did some meal planning
- Spoke with my sister, who is going to pick me up a copy of the Drivers Handbook so I can finally get started on my G1 (I haven't been able to find it anywhere in Toronto, and had to resort to getting it from a gas station back home, in the middle of buttfuck nowhere). 

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