Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whitney Wednesday: Potty Training with Jesus

This photo (taken at bath time tonight) is currently Chase's Instagram pic, with the caption 
"Whitney is obsessed with Jesus tonight. I think I even saw her washing his feet with her hair?? Weird."

Whitney has become very attached to my Jesus action figure lately - and with absolutely no prompting from me, I might add. Is it wrong that it makes me unbelievably happy that she's taken such a liking to him? Because it's freaking adorable. Like, last night, when she kept referring to him as "My Jesus! My Jesus!", or tonight, when she opened her fake doctors bag, where the Lord was "sleeping", and exclaimed "I found Jesus!"

The highlight of my evening? Whitney insisted that Jesus had to use the bathroom* and we both laughed our asses off as I held him over the toilet and made farting noises. Afterward, she said "Good job, Jesus!" and mashed a mini egg into his face, his reward for using the potty like a big boy.

* We're in the midst of potty training hell at our house right now, and I've been shamelessly bribing my toddler with mini eggs to get her on the toilet. Some kids are happy with stickers - mine will only answer to chocolate. Sooo my daughter.

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