Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Case You Forgot, I'm Pregnant - 28 Week Update

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. I bring this up because I feel like maybe y'all have forgotten, on account of me not blogging about it, that I'm in the family way.  I mean, okay, yeah, there's been some pre-baby to do lists lately (more than you'd probably like), but I haven't been doing my pregnancy updates like I meant to. I don't have a single belly shot of this kid and I am almost 29 weeks in. Mark my words - Bean Sprout is going to be 5 years old before I take her first picture.

The truth is, when you've watched as many "X Week Pregnancy Update" vlogs on YouTube as I have, and when you've been pregnant before, even the weirdest facts or symptoms can seem kind of boring. Although, I DID learn that Bean Sprout is probably growing a clitoris as we speak so that's kind of ... disturbing.

Oh yeah, Bean Sprout is a girl. I found that out a million years ago and forgot to mention it here. I've even started referring to my 1.5 children as "the girls"- as in "at the new house, the girls will have their own rooms" or "when the girls are in school..."

I've been prepping Whit by telling her (daily - several times a day) that she's going to be a big sister. She usually replies with "I not big sister. I Whitney!" At least we've got the "there's a baby in Mommy's tummy" thing down. She knows there's a baby in there and that it will make its escape "in the summertime." She also knows that it's her duty to cheer up her sister when she's crying, give her a bottle when she's hungry, and help mommy change diapers when she's poopy. I figure once Bean Sprout is actually here, I'll have very little work to do; my 2 year-old is going to do it all for me.

What else can I tell you that doesn't sound like a complaint? I love being pregnant - I really do. I just hate feeling tired and sore all the time. Some days, I can barely walk. At 28 weeks, my biggest pregnancy symptoms are extremely sore back, hips, groin, bladder, and lower stomach (round ligament pain), and leg cramps that wake me up and make me cry in the middle of the night. I've had charley horses so bad, I thought I'd never walk again. Oh, and I have heart burn every day. This is going to be one hairy baby.

My favourite pregnancy symptom? Feeling Bean Sprout dance around in there all the time. I need to concentrate more on that feeling because I'm pretty sure this is the last time I will ever experience it and it's amazing. A-maaaazing - so amazing that I'm always disappointed that other people aren't as dazzled by my kid's movements as I am. I feel I should announce every move she makes, and people should crowd around to lay their hands on my belly. Instead, I get a lot of apathetic comments like "oh?" or "that's nice" and I have to practically beg for someone to watch/feel my stomach with me. It's really kind of sad. For them.

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