Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Hate All Things Olympics - Except Gymnastics and Despatie, Apparently

Am I the only person on earth who hates the Olympics? I mean, I love them in theory (countries coming together, people achieving their personal bests, bullshit bullshit bullshit) but I hate them in practice (me endlessly channel surfing past the excessive sports coverage on tv*).

*Not that I actually watch television anymore due to my crippling YouTube addiction, but it's the principle. 

Chase? Loves the Olympics. The man never watches sports (unless you count curling - and NO ONE does), but slap some rings and a cheesy theme song on 'em and he's THERE. Which is how I found myself watching (and, okay, secretly enjoying) a million hours of mens gymnastics this morning. A MILLION HOURS! And maybe a tiny bit of swimming (I didn't even secretly enjoy that part, though). I've come to the conclusion that the Summer Olympics totally beat the Winter Olympics in terms of entertainment value. The Winter Olympics don't have dudes in spandex twirling around bars and boxhorses (or whatever the crap those things are called. You know - that thing Frank-N-Furter humps during "I Can Make You a Man"). It's fascinating.

To make the Olympics slightly more enjoyable for myself, I've kind of sort of invented a crush on some dude named Alexandre Despatie. I forget what his sport is**, but I wrote his name down in my phone after seeing a segment about him on some news program (probably The Morning Show because it's basically the only news-like show I watch intentionally, based solely on the fact that we know someone who works there - hey Nicole! Otherwise, I would watch NOTHING). He's pretty cute in that  "You're not the type of dude I normally find attractive, but I'm sleep deprived and you look yummy" kind of way. Also, he kind of looks like a nice guy.

**I just looked it up - diving

Actual conversation that took place between Chase and I This Morning while watching Despatie on TV:
Me: He's kind of cute. 
Chase: Yeah, but he's French so he's not even a real person. 
Me: Does that mean it doesn't count if I sleep with him? 
Chase: Touché!

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