Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My October Faaaaaaaavourites

I watch a ton of "monthly favourite" videos on YouTube. In case you're not addicted to vlogs about mindless consumerism like I am, allow me to explain; "Monthly Favourite" videos feature every day people who share and review the products (usually makeup, other beauty items, or baby supplies) they enjoyed most over the past 30 days. It's kind of like an episode of Oprah's Favourites except the audience leaves with a vague sense of emptiness rather than a new car or thousands of dollars worth of goodies.

Even though October isn't technically over, I thought I'd try my hand at my own favourites post. It's going to have to be a bit on the random side, though, because I only wear makeup once in a blue moon, and I rarely buy stuff for my kids (nothing review-worthy, at least). Besides, I doubt my readership (all 3 of you - hey guys!) cares about what mascara I'm using this month (but I'll tell you anyway. Maybelline Great Lash - I mildly dislike it, and I'm due for a replacement before I catch some weird expired-makeup eye disease), or about what diaper rash cream I like (Aveeno - I've used it for years and it's good stuff).

ANYWAY, without further ado... here's a list of stuff I enjoyed the crap out of in October.

1. Super Nibs - If I were Britney Spears, Super Nibs would be my Cheetos. I don't know why I just made fun of Britney. Brit, if you're reading this, I love Cheetos, too. Let's hang out.  Seriously, I've eaten 5+ bags of Nibs to myself this month (at least one of those bags was eaten over the course of an hour. It's a wonder I haven't pooped myself to death yet). Vastly superior to Twizzlers (which, apparently, are called "Original Twists"? I didn't realize that Hershey makes both until just now). I love everything about these - the fake cherry flavour, the colour, the density, the texture... I'm a chocolate bar kind of gal, but Super Nibs are the perfect candy. FYI - the little baby nibs aren't the same. They're dry and not as smooth. It's got to be Super Nibs (although, I've settled in a pinch).

2. Glee - I am the last person to jump on this bandwagon. And I only boarded in the first place because my sister insisted I watch it. Full Disclaimer: I've only seen 4 episodes so far, and they were all from Season 4. I was hooked when the lunch lady didn't want to be seen with her daughter because she thought it would make her (the kid - not the lunch lady) unpopular. I cried, you guys. I cried. Now I'm hating on Fynn pretty hard and it feels so good. I loathe how he left Rachel last season, even though I haven't seen a single episode about it. Don't try to be all Edward on Bella, Fynn. If you're just going to up and leave Rachel  so she can "find herself" or whatever, it doesn't make you a selfless boyfriend. It just makes you a condescending douchebag. Ahem. And if the lunch lady and my murderous feelings toward Fynn weren't enough to get me into this show, I am absolutely in love with Jane Lynch and Britney. Who knew Glee was so freaking hilarious?! The only thing I don't like about Glee is the music. Please stop singing. Also, Kurt. And Blaine. And Rachel a little bit. Okay, I basically watch it for Jane and Britney. They more than carry the show for me.

3. My New Couch - 

Which replaced my former, white trash set up - a 20 year old handmedown love seat and ghetto chair (never buy white micro fibre, guys. Just don't do it. If you have children, never buy white anything, period):

My livingroom looks refreshingly grown-up again.

4. Bubble Games for my iPhone - I've had Bejeweled for so long, I can play it in my sleep. I was looking for something new so Chase turned me onto bubble puzzle games. He has a space-themed version (Bubble Galaxy), and I have two additional (very similar) games, Bubble Mania and Bubble Blitz. I feel that my versions are better because the little avatars looks so adorably dejected when you lose, but I secretly prefer Bubble Galaxy.

5. Neon Trees - as discussed on Monday. My fave song? 1983.

6. Manners - After an inexplicable lapse in manners, Whit has finally started to be polite again and, rather than bark orders at me, she has softened her approach. "Please" and "thank you" have never sounded so good.

7. Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt - The amusement park sets up like, 10 haunted houses/areas for you to walk through, complete with spooky soundtrack and actors who jump out at you. I went on Sunday night and it was super awesome, although if I'm perfectly honest, haunted houses are less about being scared and more about stumbling around in the dark and feeling socially akward while strangers harass you. Still, it was fun aaaaand we got to ride roller coasters in the dark. I'm all about coaster night rides because they seem less scary when you can't see the ground well. Looooove!

8. Songza (the iPhone app) - It's like radio, but you can customize your play list based on what you're doing (ie - cleaning, stripping) and how you're feeling (there's actually a setting for angst. Awesome!). My favourite playlist so far was in the Vintage cool category (country, rock and soul) because I'm a pretentious hipster that way. Lorelai's favourite playlist is hawaian folk because it puts her to sleep.

9. Consignment Sales - I just went to a huge kids' stuff sale in Ottawa recently, and I'm volunteering for another big children's sale in Toronto this weekend. I love large, semi-annual consignment sales primarily because I'm cheap when it comes to buying clothes (especially for the girls because they grow out of everything practically overnight). I'm not a big fan of buying toys at full price for that same reason. These sales are a great way to save money and I love going through people's old garbage. My goal this weekend is to finish my Christmas shopping for the girls - I refuse to buy anything brand new because they don't care, nor do they notice the difference. Plus, I'll have more fun shopping for their gifts this way. 

10. MyHouseWifeLife's Daily Vlogs for "Vlogtober" - I know I poked a little fun at Jen awhile ago, but that's just because I'm poor and jealous. I adore her daily "day in the life" videos (and her favourites videos - she's one of the vloggers I stole the idea for this post from), because I love the way she makes every day events into rituals. It's like everything she does is important, even though she's just, like, taking a bath or something. Everything is very... very. Plus, her husband seems really sweet (Mavis, he's like a Barry).

Whew! That was a big list. I aspire to be the poor, white Oprah sooo if you are the first person to comment on this post, I will send you a bag of Nibs. Booya! 


  1. I now want to try Super Nibs, watch Glee (although I have always wanted to watch the series, you have just reinforced it), and mostly to try out this Songza app, providing that it is not too techy for me to figure out. If I ever un-mute my computer I will give Neon Trees a listen. Last Christmas my friend gave me a "This past year's favorites" gift. It was awesome! I plan on stealing the idea and throwing it back her way this year. I am actually Nikki but signing as Anonymous b/c I honestly have no idea how to post with my name. Yep, that's right, I'm super computer savvy.

    1. The Super Nibs are yoooours! Will deliver on our next play/mom date.

      My friend Daniel is supposed to educate me on all things Glee. Maybe you can come along for the ride!? ;)

      What was in your friend's past year's favourites gift? I am so intrigued! Also, that's the coolest gift idea I've ever heard.

  2. Noooooo! Blogger why you steal my posts.