Saturday, January 19, 2013

Movies I've Seen Lately that AREN'T Les Mis*

* I've been wanting to post about Les Mis for two weeks now, but I put it off for so long, I can't summon the rage I need to write the entry anymore. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe...
Rock of Ages - Whyyyyy did I see another musical?! Whyyyyyyyyy!!? This movie was so bad, and so forgettable, I'd rather see Les Mis again.

Magic Mike - I had a bunch of girls over to see this one because it seemed like that kind of movie. Turns out? I dislike watching naked men dance around when I'm in a group just as much as I do when I'm alone. Also, I barely watched the movie and was still able to follow the "plot". The only thing that would have made Magic Mike good was some man-on-man action - all of those buff, half-naked guys and not a single kiss between the lot. What a shame. PS - I am a total pig.

Pootie Tang - I had to watch this movie after I found out that Louis CK (who, for some reason, has been gettng quite a few mentions in my blog lately. I do like other comedians, guys. Really) wrote and directed it. Terrible, terrible, but it's one of those movies I like much better in retrospect, if my frequent use of the phrase "I'm gonna sine your piddy on the runny kine" is any indication.

What horrible movies have you guys been watching lately?

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