Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Feeeeever!!!

I called in sick to work today and spent a good portion of my afternoon looking at baby carriers and breast feeding covers online*... And then I fantasized about using baby carriers and breast feeding covers. This is how I know I have reached the point of no return.

My baby fever has been creeping up on me little by little, but it was always tempered with a sort of "what the hell am I THINKING?!" common sense. Even when I was pestering Chase for a second kid, it was a half-hearted effort. My shopping/fantasizing today (for items I haven't been genuinely excited about since Whitney's birth) made me realize that I have gone absolutely batshit about having a baby again. Any reservations I had about a second child - nay, a second INFANT -  (the 4am wake up calls, the lack of freedom, the diapers, the endless feeding and pumping, ...) have been replaced with a series of lies, whispered by my fiendishly diabolical uterus (you like watching informercials with your screaming baby at 4am; it won't be THAT hard managing two kids when you're out in public; it's easy to change a newborn; breast feeding is practically magic!).

It's time, y'all. Even Chase has basically come to terms with the fact that my uterus is demanding a baby for Christmas. Basically. I mean, he'll come around.

*Please note that I called in sick due to a legitimate cold, not because I wanted to shop online for a baby who won't even be conceived until 2012. I can do that at work. Not that I would.

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  1. you realise if you get pregnant next year you're going to have to have another baby when i move back to have mine in 2 to 3 years, right?

    as long as that is the plan, then i approve ;)