Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bring me Some Ice Cream and Rub My Bum!!

One of my favourite games ever (especially when I am so tired, everything I say is comedy gold – even if I’m the only person who recognizes it as such), is the Annoy Chase game. I say stupid and outlandish things to him (particularly when he’s trying to sleep), wait for him snap from exasperation, and then get angry with him for being irritated with me. It’s a really great game.

Chase has learned, over the years, to roll with my shenanigans. Sometimes he agrees with me and expands on the nonsense. Other times, he just laughs and says “Do you hear yourself right now?! Do you even know what you’re saying?!” as if logic has anything to do with it (the truth is, I usually forget what I’ve said as soon as it leaves my mouth and, besides, I’ve barely heard a word of it over my own maniacal laughter). The object of the game is to rile Chase up, but his participation is almost as fun as his anger.

Last night in bed, in an effort to get Chase to rub my bum (Shut up! It’s soothing), I threatened to hire a midget to do it for me – a midget I would name Milton. Chase placated me by discussing whether Milton should be classified as an Oompa Loompa (and if I could get him to look like one with enough spray tanner and green hair dye), as well as the benefits of hiring on Milton’s wife. When I realized that Chase was borderline enjoying himself, I started shouting things like “Milton! Bring me some ice cream and rub my bum! I need to RELAX!” and laughed until I fell asleep. Or did Chase fall asleep? One of us fell asleep - Chase, smugly, and me, grudgingly, knowing that I’d lost the game.

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  1. Early on in our relationship, I would get really tired but not go to bed. Resulting in me half- falling asleep in the middle of a conversation, dreaming a little, and then talking in my half-sleep about some ridiculousness in my dream. Not related at all to the conversation we were having in real life.