Monday, January 9, 2012

Lifestyles of the Rich and YouTube Famous

I have a new favourite YouTuber, Organized Like Jen*. She mainly vlogs about her life and how she organizes her stuff. I like her vids based on that criteria alone, but the real reason I love watching her is because our worlds are completely different. I feel like I'm studying a new breed of human; I'm not even sure we were born on the same planet. For example: 

  • She has two homes. I have a crappy basement apartment, complete with a crazy old landlord who asks for inappropriate favours, uses my internet (for free), and monitors my electricity use like Whitney's night light is the one thing standing between her and true happiness. 
  • She has a landscape guy. My baby daddy is my landscape guy and my lawn (weeds with a hint of grass) goes un-mowed for weeks at a time because Chase's work schedule is so jacked, he can't get to the yard care before dark.
  • She has a channel about her life as a housewife (My Housewife Life), where 70% of her posts are haul videos, leading me to believe that her life as a housewife consists largely of shopping. If I had a channel about my life as a housewife, it would contain footage of me crying while I clean my apartment, a snotty-nosed toddler following me around making messes faster than I can tidy them up. On really bad days, it might include footage of me doing the above while on a conference call with people who make at least 100K more than I do and who don't care that I am working for them on my day off. 
  • She has a set of clothes for every workout she does (yoga, running, skating, etc.). Not only do my pajamas double as my workout clothes, I can't remember the last time I intentionally exercised.

I'm fascinated by Jen and her lifestyle. Her vlogs inspire me to be more organized, make more money, and buy lots of thingy-things. They also make my stomach churn with jealousy and regret. It's kind of a bitter-sweet addiction.

*Keep in mind, I've only seen like, 5 of her videos to date. But they're long videos, yo.


  1. Stop by gossipguru. you will get some insight from those of us that have followed her for a long time. For what it is worth , you sound like you are doing what most housewifes do on the daily basis, myself included. Take care!

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for the suggestion. I found a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with Jen's Trash a Guru board. I lost interest in her vlogs (same shit every video - especially now that she's churning them out at a ridiculous pace) awhile ago, but now I get excited when she releases one because I can't wait to see what the ladies of Guru Gossip are going to say. Totally breathed new life into Jen's videos for me.