Monday, February 27, 2012

Can We Just Skip These Next Four Months?!

I don't mean to be all Debbie Downer on you guys, but um... I kind of hate my life right now. I'm stuck in this horrible limbo, with maternity leave close enough that I fantasize about it every waking moment, but far enough away that I feel every millisecond of the hellish working months that stretch before me.

I don't know what city I'll be living in once the baby is born (we plan to move back to Ottawa if we can), so I'm stuck in my white trash apartment for fear of being locked into a year-long lease if the opportunity to move back home presents itself. I'd feel better if we had some new furniture or something to spruce the place up (or, at the very least, some new shelves to organize some of the toys and junk that are strewn around my floor), but we're reluctant to purchase anything when we don't know what the space in our new place will be like.

And I'm lazy, you guys. Like, just tired and miserable and depressed and effin' LAZY. I don't want to do anything but wallow in my own filth and watch YouTube. Whitney went to bed two hours late and without a much needed bath tonight because I couldn't muster the energy to put her to bed. It's baaaad. It's so bad.

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