Saturday, August 4, 2012

Donating My Leg Hair to Locks of Love

I love the Notes app on my iPhone. I use it to store everything from random notes to myself to the hours of my local walk-in clinic to entire blog entries (in fact, this post was mainly written in Notes while I was traveling home on the subway tonight).

I try to clean out my history regularly so I don't have, say, 10 outdated grocery lists in my phone, but sometimes it's a long time between "dumps" and I end up with weird, often one-line notes that make absolutely no sense to me anymore.

Here's my top 3 favourite WTF notes at the moment:
  1. Interrobang?! 
  2. If I were to join a Church, it would be the Mormon Church
  3. Donating my leg hair to Locks of Love

1 comment:

  1. 1. terrorist porn
    2. obviously - only mormon god can guarantee your youtube fame.
    3. I was JUST looking for your epilator review while youtubing in bed this morning