Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Internet Told Me To Do It: Foil Pack Chicken and Broccoli Dinner

I love it when I accidentally stumble upon something delicious-looking, like this Foil Pack Chicken and Broccoli Dinner, on Pinterest because I feel the surprise element makes the recipe at least 5% better (in reality, putting anything on Pinterest just makes me about 10 times more likely to try it so it's 100% better than the stuff I'm NOT making).

Check out how delicious dinner looks before it even goes into the oven!
And this shot was taken BEFORE I added the ranch dressing drizzle

This was another meal I tried in hopes that my daughter would enjoy it (shout out to Whitney: Please, kid. Eat something! ANYTHING!). Whit (allegedly) likes broccoli at daycare and I know she tolerates cheese and the occasional carb, so I thought it might be a hit. She was asked to take 3 bites or risk losing her bedtime story; she took exactly 1 bite, held it in her mouth for 5 minutes, and vehemently spit it onto the floor.

Whit likes to help with meals more than she likes to eat them

So yeah, not a big hit with my toddler. HOWEVER, Chase and I really liked it. It didn't taste the way I imagined it would taste, the stuffing was a little mushy, and the whole thing was surprisingly salty, but it was tasty just the same. The only modifications I made to the recipe were to add 2 more pieces of bacon (I had to restrain myself from adding the whole package. Mmm bacon) and a bit more cheese because Whitney, my slave labourer, insisted on PACKING the shredded cheese into the measuring cup (yeah, I totally measured the cheese. I'm that kind of cook).

Finished product - photo by Chase

The finished product doesn't look as delicious as the before shot, but it WAS (more so because raw chicken? Not right). I would definitely make this meal again on the regular.

You can find the Foil Pack Chicken Broccoli Dinner recipe here:


  1. I should try this this week! Can I borrow whitney to get all the prepwork done?

  2. Take her for as long as you like!!