Saturday, October 20, 2012

Angelina Pivarnick: Owner of a Fresh Vagina and Spokesperson for Homophobes Everywhere

Have you seen the video that's been going around with Angelina Pivarnick and Adam Barta debating if gay marriage should be legalized?  If not, you can see it here. I am kind of in love with it; Angelina's ridiculous tirade really embodies how ignorant the anti-gay-marriage argument is. My personal favourite part is when she says she won't go down on a woman because some ladies' hoo has are smelly (not hers, though). Classic.

I also love Angelina's argument that gay marriage is wrong and gay couples shouldn't receive the same legal benefits as their straight peers, because the Catholic Church is against homosexuality. This is the same unmarried girl who got knocked up, and who would have happily reaped any tax breaks or government handouts she would have received as a single mother had she not miscarried. She "loves her god" so much, she's willing to deny an entire segment of the population equal rights, but not so much that she's willing to keep her legs closed. If she's going to argue that she's against something because her religion doesn't condone it, maybe she should think about, I dunno, following ALL of the teachings of said religion. The Church would still be wrong, but at least she wouldn't be a hypocrite.

There is so much awesomeness packed into this 8 minute video, if I were to break it down, it would take you all day to read it. God bless Angelina for being such a good voice for the anti-gay cause. I hope she becomes the spokesperson for homophobes everywhere because maybe it will challenge some of the smarter ones to rethink their position.

Seriously, though, I hope someone smothers Angelina Pivarnick with a stinky vagina.

UPDATE: It turns out Angelina's gay friends gave her the verbal bitch slapping she deserved "reached out to her" and now she's pro-gay-marriage. So, my apologies to Angelina. I'm glad her publicity stunt  is over mind has been changed and she's using what remains of her 15 minutes of fame to champion equality instead of prejudice. Good on you and your sparkling hoo ha, Angie.

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