Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fat and Happy

Greetings from my sister's bathroom! Not really. I did spend 2+ weeks visiting family in my hometown, but I've been back in the big city for awhile now. It's just taken me this long to boot up my computer.

It was nearly impossible (okay, totally possible, but not necessarily desirable) for me to eat well when I was home. Between the junk food at my sister's place (Oh god, Thank you, Whit!), and my mom's home cooking, I put on all of the weight I lost. And now that I'm at my own home, I have no desire to calorie count again. I'm not ready to even pretend to go on a diet. I'm in one of those "I'm not even overweight. Why did I want to drop a pant size again?" phases, and I'm perfectly content eating whatever I want. You have no idea how awesome it is to eat buttloads of chocolate again. It's so, so good, you guys!

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