Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-Pregnancy Complaint #327

Thing you may not have known about pregnancy hormones:

You lose, like, a shit ton of hair after you give birth. In my case, handfuls and handfuls a day. I don't have bald patches (yet!), but there's a noticeable difference. I could make a whole new Miranda out of the hair I've lost. Sadly, Franken-Hair-Miranda would actually be less furry than real Miranda. Seriously.... Seriously.

Whitney pulled a huge clump of my hair out of the drain after her bath the other day, slapped it on the side of the tub, and told me it was seaweed; I almost puked. I am totally ready to go from the hair-losing stage of post-pregnancy to the weird hair-growing-in stage when you have a whack of new, baby-hairs sticking up all over the place. I'll look a little off, but at least I won't find hair in my butt crack anymore.

Things I will never understand about pregnancy hormones:

Why have I lost a good 50% of the hair on my head, but not one single leg hair?! Not a SINGLE one.

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