Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whitney Wednesday: Whit's Scariest Toy

"I'm watching you!"

My grandma got that doll for Whit the last time we were home, and I refuse to let it into my house. Doesn't it look like a toy straight out of a horror film? One that tells your child to murder her entire family in their sleep?

The doll (we haven't dared give it a name), lives in Chase's car where we delight in showing it off to friends and family. It has left our vehicle only once, to spend the night in Nicole's bed - a small token of Chase's appreciation for her babysitting services. That evening, Whitney asked for the doll on the ride home, then again in bed, and again the next day. I don't know what kind of evil hold it has on my baby, but she loves that thing. I sincerely hope, when the doll whispers sweet nothings into Whitney's ear, it is telling her to love and obey her parents; not, like, demanding that she torture and dismember us.

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