Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary from a Terrible Wife, or Opposites Attract

Sooo today is the anniversary of my forever-long engagement to my wonderful partner, Chase. I am horrible because I rarely remember things like birthdays or anniversaries, I always buy the wrong gifts (if I buy anything at all), and to be honest with you, I can't even tell you how many years we've been together. Sometimes I get Chase to do the math and then I promptly forget the answer. It's not that I don't care! It's just that I care so much, I don't need dates and celebrations to validate my love (heh).

I was going to be a good wifey this year and get Chase a gift, but he's like, impossible to buy for. I don't know anything about fishing, power tools, starting a fire with willpower and a dirty rag, or any of Chase's other interests, so shopping for items that pertain to his hobbies is very difficult for me. I think it's safe to say that, while I have a general knowledge of what my hubby likes, I have absolutely no idea how to apply it. I wish he'd take up reading or something so I could buy him a book about surviving naked in the North Pole while stuck in a bear trap or something and be done with it.

Anyway,  to assuage my guilt in honour of our somethingth anniversary, I thought I'd blog about how much I love my relationship with Chase. I loooove it. I think we have a good balance; I like that we don't have to spend every waking moment together to confirm how much we love each other. He has his own interests and set of friends and I have mine and it works. When we come together, it's fantastic and if we don't, it isn't a big deal. Together or separate, our relationship stays constant.

I also love that we compliment each other in all the right ways. He does all of the gross household chores (yard work, pest control, bathtub scrubbing), and I do most of the pussy stuff (dishes, dusting). When it comes to parenting, he's the bad cop and I am the good cop. He's naturally smart and I'm book smart. He eats weird food and I tell him how disgusting it is. He buys me chocolate and I devour it. I'm incessantly annoying and he's ceaselessly patient. See? It's perfect. Even though we have basically nothing in common, we meet in the middle to live our lives and watch Gilmore Girls together. Best relationship ever.

Love you, Chasetopher.

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